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Together We Can Fund Iowa’s Roads and Bridges

In his 2015 Condition of the State Address titled “Together We Can,” Governor Branstad called for a commitment to infrastructure and a bipartisan solution to address road and bridge funding. County officials across the state are encouraged by the Governor’s recognition that our state’s safety, economic growth, tourism, and continued prosperity are dependent on an adequately funded road and bridge system.

Supportive video titled “Transportation Investment | Iowa State Association of Counties” (2:34):

Investing in Iowa’s Mental Health and Disability Services

Iowa counties have made significant progress in the delivery of mental health and disability services as they have moved into the new, regionally based system. These 15 regions are actively moving forward in providing core services statewide and looking at long term planning in the development of core plus services.

Supportive video titled: “Mental Health and Disability Services | Iowa State Association of Counties” (2:28):