ISAC Education Foundation

The ISAC Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds for the ISAC Scholarship Program, which awards annual scholarships to high school seniors that are children or dependents of county officials and employees.

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2024 ISAC Scholarship Application

In 2024, ISAC awarded seven scholarships, for a total of $22,500. The scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are the children or dependents of county officials and employees. The scholarship recipients are recognized at a scholarship ceremony that takes place annually as part of the ISAC Spring Conference General Session. The scholarship recipients for 2024 are:

District 1: Libbie Keith
District 2: Nicholas Sisson
District 3: Emery Blankespoor
District 4: Karissa Richey
District 5 and Mike Bollard Award: Taylor Bartholomew
District 6: Morgan Schulte
Past Presidents: Jasper Goodson

District 1 Runner-up: Madison Babington
District 2 Runner-up: Kierra Dodd
District 3 Runner-up: Ayden Socknat
District 4 Runner-up: Joseph Bragg
District 6: Alexa Higginbotham

The ISAC Scholarship rules require that there be seven scholarship judges, one from each of the six ISAC districts and one representative from the ISAC Board of Directors, chosen based on a balance of gender and affiliate. The ISAC Scholarship Selection Committee for the 2024 ISAC scholarship awards:

District 1 – Jamie Johll, Webster County Engineer
District 2 – Shanna Eastvold, Winnebago County Recorder
District 3 – Sheri Neddermeyer, Crawford County Treasurer
District 4 – Rob Haley, Ringgold County Sheriff
District 5 – Christy Bates, Keokuk County Auditor
District 6 – Jim Irwin Jr., Clinton County Supervisor
ISAC Board Representative – Linda Zuercher, Clayton County Treasurer

The ISAC Scholarship applications are distributed and posted on the ISAC website annually in September, and a copy is also published in the Iowa County magazine. Applications are due in December. ISAC typically receives between 60 and 70 applications each year. The scholarships are funded by the ISAC Education Foundation. A large part of the funds is gained from the annual ISAC Scholarship Golf Fundraiser. The 2024 ISAC Scholarship Golf Fundraiser will be held at Toad Valley Golf Course in Pleasant Hill.


For questions regarding the ISAC scholarship, please contact Katie Cook.