The ICTS Operations Subcommittee is responsible for developing recommendations for the ICTS Advisory Committee related to opportunities for improvement and management of the requirement, design, and implementation of all projects; oversee design infrastructure and delivery system changes necessary to achieve designation as an electronic health record system and support ICTS initiatives; develop operational protocols and guidelines; and define current baseline performances and targets for improvement. The subcommittee is also responsible for other objectives assigned by the ICTS Advisory Committee.

The ICTS Operations Subcommittee can have up to 14 voting members, one from each region. All voting members are county employees or officials of a county that is a member of ICTS. At least one member of the ICTS Advisory Committee is a subcommittee member and serves as the committee’s Chair. The Executive Director of ISAC assigns ISAC staff members to attend the subcommittee meetings, prepare meeting notices, and keep minutes and other records.
Member appointments do not have term limits, so a person may serve on the committee until they choose to resign and recommend a replacement, or unless they fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements. Members must attend at least 75 percent of meetings per year. Sending an alternate is allowed if the voting member cannot attend.

Voting Members:

Kelsey Allen

Rolling Hills

Sarah Berndt

Mental Health Agency of Southeast Iowa

Danelle Bruce


Julie Davison

East Central Region

Sue Duhn

Sioux Rivers

Jennifer Dykshoorn


Lori Nosekabel

Southern Hills

Kathy Egbert


Lisa Kempf

Heart of Iowa

Brenda Olson


Cheri Sexton

Eastern Iowa

Betsy Stursma


Annie Uetz