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Every day, thousands of customers and their guests all over the world utilize Thinix technologies to power and secure their computing experiences. From military bases to hotel lobbies to back offices, Thinix technologies secure some of the most sensitive systems in the world.

Thinix started over 15 years ago and was focused on delivering secure guest-use computers. From those roots we have expanded with a comprehensive technology portfolio which includes secure endpoints, secure management platforms, managed FamilySafe WiFi, 4G/5G connectivity, and distributed network monitoring.

The parent company of Thinix, R & D Industries, Inc. (RDI), was founded in Iowa 35 years ago. RDI was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by INC Magazine in 2013 and 2014. In 2019, Thinix was recognized as one of the Top 500 Managed Service Providers in the US. With over 15,000 completed projects, and thousands of satisfied customers, RDI continues to deliver exceptional technology solutions.

Thinix now has over 17,500 devices under management, and over 160 million hours of secure uptime with our largest customer. Thinix is focused on building world class technologies which are reliable, secure, and easy-to-use. With several patents pending related to connectivity, monitoring, and security, Thinix continues to aggressively innovate. In 2018, we filed several patents related to network monitoring, network security, and mathematical methods. In 2019, we filed a large patent application related to our RocketBroadband technologies which forms a scalable, multi-tenant, multi-carrier, secure private wide area network (WAN). We continuously challenge the status quo and are building excellent artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning driven technologies to help our customers do amazing things.

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September 2, 2020