Gender Balanced Boards Information

ISAC is providing a sample application and a notice of vacancies form that are designed to assist counties in complying with the directives of HF 243, enacted by the legislature in 2009. The law requires all appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils of a political subdivision to be gender balanced by January 1, 2012, by using a fair and unbiased method of selecting the best qualified applicants. A political subdivision may appoint any qualified applicant, regardless of gender, after making a three month good faith effort to appoint a gender balanced board.

Political subdivisions are not required by the law to use a formal application process, nor is it necessary to use this sample application or notice of vacancies if you have an alternative preferred method. We recommend that you consult with your county attorney before utilizing these, or any alternatives. If you choose to use this sample application and notice of vacancies form, please be sure to update the county-specific information.