Affiliate Websites

NOTICE: The affiliate websites are no longer accessible as of July 1, 2018. Each affiliate site has been replaced with a Basecamp page. If you do not have access to your affiliate’s Basecamp, please contact Katie Cook. You may also contact Katie Cook if you have any information you need retrieved from the affiliate websites (documents, messages, surveys, etc.) or if you have any questions regarding the change. Thank you for your understanding. | 515.244.7181

Click here to enter Basecamp. *Please note, you need to be invited to join your affiliate’s page before you log into Basecmap. Do not create your own account with the 30-day trial. There is absolutely no costs to the affiliate or any indivudals to use this service. ISAC assumes any and all costs.

Basecamp Tutorial



ISAC affiliates maintain their own organizational websites. The links below will take you to each affiliate’s outside site.